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Andi Marie’s music combines the grooves of 70's and 80's soft rock, intricate melodies, and free form phrasing of folk jazz along with introspective, self-narrative lyrics. Her stylized raspy alto has been compared to the sultry voices of Bonnie Raitt, Sade, and Karen Carpenter. While her musical influences span from Joni Mitchell to Donal Fagan, her lyrics are primarily influenced by her early Pentecostal upbringing: often playing on religious archetypes with metaphors that recognize the necessity of both light and dark.    

Originally from east Tennessee, Andi Marie’s roots are also evident in the themes and style of her music. She has a strong hometown presence, which has included performances at both the Tennessee Theater and the Bijou Theater.

Andi’s move to Nashville was quickly followed by her 2016 release of debut album “Years of the Horse.” It maturely captures the essence and complexities of Andi Marie’s inspiration in a cohesive way, which is often so difficult for young musicians. The EP has astounding depth, but is accessible; it’s intellectual, but catchy; you can dive equally into the sensory experience of the music and the esoteric experience of the art.

Since “Years of the Horse,” Andi has remained active in the Nashville music scene. She continues to play shows throughout the southeast, and prolifically, has a batch of new songs, which she plans to release in 2017.



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