monogamy is hard

Afternoon De-Light

Afternoon de-light


there’s a slight sense of loss when cumming on a Sunday

even in the comfort of your own home

even in the soberingly tame arms of your own sweet spouse


a time is scheduled wherein the cumming is to take place

effort toward that by “what is avoidance?”

don’t thwart, don’t piss me off


the sweet and angular giant sneaks behind

steal me a kiss, and dim signal fire

I meet you there and commence the act of a Sunday’s nap betrayal.


crash two handsome bodies together

their well acquainted friction both pleasant and tedious

I hope you didn’t catch that I yawned once.


you pull up the sides of 90’s satin bikini panties

I would not have chose , but I fantasize that I don’t know you

…and such give all too much every singly integrity to a perversity.


laying on my side and letting the milky white liquid  

potency; drift down the right inner thigh, until at last!

It rolls down cunt-ry hills to the bed: ”Shit Babe! We gotta wash the sheets”


slits of light pry, cheap bamboo shades

cast a dim yellow gloom of a lost workday onto the floor.

heart sits somewhere: contentment and half-hearted despondency