You Are My Sunshine (Reprise)


Long, hasty legs stride miles

Beyond his abdomen

Human grasshopper

He is swathed in oil patched Levi’s overalls.


Strength reigns supreme

In his work dance

Devoid of elegance

He sweats black oil and cedar.


A juxtaposed being is

The common man’s ally

And scholar’s equivalent

He is the titanium country bumpkin sophist.


Pats a back in the morning

With gorilla tenderness

Familiar, kind pain kisses my cheek

He is hurried affection and an unkempt mustache.


Gluey lakes of Dale’s marinade

Coagulate overnight on counter space

With remnants of animal sacrifice

He makes a mean steak and potatoes.


Saturday morning- Rugrats

Run amok in 15 minute segments

Followed by Wiley Coyote’s frantic plight

He personifies a child’s hilarity with thin slits in place of eyes.


Subaru: swiftly savoring saccharine –sweet

Breakfasts on Solo plates, our reliable vessels

Housing leftover cake corners and thick-sliced bacon

He holds a scorching, sloshing cup of coffee above the console.


His grace is magnified

In my frail, thrashing carelessness

70 x 7 times, he retrieves my fishing line from a bank

He is a god-like when the water’s metallic sparks meet his face.


Masculinity exceeded by sensitivity

A box of six scarlet berries

Enveloped in dewy, solidified sweetness

He writes, “You are my sunshine.”


If I am ever homesick, I go to home improvement stores.  I allow the conspicuous florescent lighting and the overpowering aromas of paint thinner and lumber to overtake the senses.  It reminds me of him.